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3 “love crystals” to help you do so

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Deep down, each and every one of us is longing to experience a divine love relationship with another human being. Our souls are yearning for that special, magical connection that makes us feel like we’ve finally arrived home after a long, exhausting journey.

So, why does this kind of divine soul relationship seem so elusive to many of us? The answer to that question lies deep within ourselves.

In order to find our soulmates, first of all, we need to explore our own souls. We need to dive deep within ourselves and uncover our own shadow sides. We must be willing to work with our hidden trauma, pain, shame, guilt and regret. We have to face our fears and step into unknown territory.

All of this is by no means a comfortable process. That’s why so many of us take the easy way out, by jumping from one relationship straight into another, just to avoid doing the inner work. We get hurt and disappointed, over and over again, until we finally realize that the only way out of suffering lies within us.

To attract a soulmate, each of us needs to stay true to our own soul. The first thing we need to do is reconnect with our core values, the things that are truly important to us in life and in romantic relationships. It’s important that we know how we want to be treated by others, how we wish to be loved and taken care of. Once we’ve found out what our core values are, we must learn how to stay true to them, even if they’re challenged by other people and external influences.

We also need to discover what ignites our inner fire, what makes us feel truly alive, and after that, we should set an intention to bring those things into our lives. In order to be able to commit to another person, we have to fully commit to ourselves first.

Working with crystals can enhance our spiritual journey and offer us a sense of support and protection while we explore the unknown. All crystals, minerals and stones have intelligence and wisdom stored within them, often dating back to thousands of years ago. That’s why working with them can help speed up our spiritual growth and our soul’s development.

The following is my intuitive selection of “love crystals” that can help us attract our soulmates.

Rose quartz

This gorgeous pink crystal reminds us to connect with the purity and innocence of our souls. Rose Quartz has incredibly cleansing and rejuvenating energy, and that’s why working with this crystal makes us feel pure and blissful.

Very often, due to emotional trauma and toxic relationships, we tend to forget that our souls are always pure and perfect. Nothing can ever change that. In moments of loneliness and despair, we just need to come back into our heart space and remember that we deserve a deep, soulful connection with another human being.

The message that a Rose Quartz crystal brings to us is that we’re always worthy of love, no matter what anyone has ever done to us or what we may have done to others. Unconditional love is our birthright.

Rainbow moonstone

This is a crystal of deep sensitivity and intuition. Rainbow Moonstone is a wonderful crystal for connecting with the higher realms and for receiving guidance from our spirit guides. It’s a very high-vibrational crystal that opens up portals to the spiritual dimensions, thereby making it easier for us to connect with our soulmates.

Rainbow Moonstone teaches us to trust and follow our intuition when making important decisions in our lives. Very often, we turn to our friends and family for advice about romantic relationships, when we should be learning to trust our inner voice.

We’ve incarnated here on Earth to grow and develop, but true growth can only occur when we make our own mistakes and learn from them. Each experience, no matter how painful, leads us closer to recognizing our own creative power. Nothing ever happens accidentally. We, ourselves, have created everything we’ve experienced in our lives up to this point.

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Working with a Rainbow Moonstone can help us reach a higher state of awareness, in which we realize that no one can take away our power unless we allow it. At each and every moment, we have the power to change and recreate our own reality. Should we feel that a certain experience or situation in our lives has served its purpose, we’re free to make peace with it and move on.

With awareness and trust in the soul’s power, we can create anything we wish, including healthy and harmonious romantic relationships. We’re the ones who set an intention to attract our soulmates into our lives. It’s not something that happens by accident—in fact, we must first reach a certain level of awareness and make a firm decision that we deserve a divine connection with another human.


Three pieces of light blue Larimar crystal

To attract a soulmate, it’s necessary that we vibrate unconditional love and embody it in our words and actions. According to the Law of Attraction, we attract the same kind of energy we’re putting out into the world. As long as we’re giving out signals of fear and lack, that’s what we draw into our lives. This is why it’s so important that we release all fear and doubt when we’re setting intentions, visualizing and sending our heart’s desires out to the Universe.

Working with a Larimar crystal helps us tune into the frequency of unconditional love. This enchanting light blue crystal offers serene and uplifting energy, and it’s one of the strongest love crystals out there. Larimar brings joy and healing into our love lives by helping us release self-destructive patterns and make space for healthy and harmonious relationships.

The Larimar crystal reminds us that all the love we ever need is inside us already. We can only attract a divine soul-relationship once we’re vibrating the energy of trust and self-love. When we truly trust ourselves and know our own worth, we’ll no longer be controlled by fear. In order to find true love, we need to become the love we’re looking for.

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image 1: Elina Allais; image 2: Wikimedia Commons

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